MFS makes quality motion products available to a wide range of customers

Although the quality of our products has a level allowing our company to work with demanding customers such as the airline, naval and car industry or the military, MFS also provides a wide range of products for enthusiasts and semiprofessional companies.

We have customers using our platform 24/7 to test private and military applications in real simulated conditions (sea motion for instance to test instruments)

We are proud to be able to provide our products to flight schools, training centers and airline companies so they are able to train their pilots at a lower cost but with the quality they demand.

We are also able to use our technology to provide amusement parks new rides for their visitors.

we provide the car and motorbike industry motion platform to help them test their products of tomorrow

we supply TV Shows & cinema industry

we supply car & sailing racing teams so they can train their pilots and sailors

Once it comes to motion, there is virtually no limit to what we can achieve for our customers.

THEY, AMONG OTHERS (Armies, flight schools, amusement parks,..), TRUST MFS

Countries where we have customers

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