MFS makes quality motion products available to a wide range of customers

A lot of customers email us asking whether or not a private user can purchase a motion system from us.

The answer is YES.

Although the quality of our products has a level that allows the airline industry to use our products for training purposes, nevertheless, MFS will keep up a product range dedicated to enthusiasts and cockpit builders but also make high end systems affordable for private users.

Just because we provide solutions for enthusiasts doesn’t mean we do not have wide range of quality products for commercial simulators operators.
MFS provides customers the best quality products, services and support in respect to their exact needs

At MFS, we really mean these words and not only write it down because it looks good on a website.

Each project starts with a discussion in order to set its specifications.

At MFS, we treat each project and each customer individually and strive to find the solution that is spot on right and nothing more.

At MFS, we will never sell to a customer a product that won’t fit his needs as it will only lead to frustration and unsatisfaction. A simulation center operating a motion system with heavy weight on top of it won’t have the same needs as a private user occasionally siming on his own. Also, a train simulator won’t require the same hardware as an airliner simulator.

Choosing a motion system is all about determining what it will be used for and a customer should ideally provide us these information to help us get things right.

  • Type of vehicle to simulate (racing car, GA aircraft, airliner, helicopter, train…)
  • Weight load
  • Type of use
  • Budget

At MFS, we treat each project and each customer individually and strive to find the solution that is spot on right and nothing more.

At MFS, we are not only resellers. We build our motion platforms and visual solutions as well as our PC configurations so we have a great knowledge of what we can provide to you and custom service is always an option. In short, never hesitate to enquire.

When things go wrong, we pick up the phone and help you get your system moving as quickly as possible.

At MFS, you won’t have to wait weeks to get your emails answered.

MFS listens to its customers.

As support matters to us, it led us to include special assistance and diagnosis features in our software to help track any problem you may encounter.

MFS is certainly not the kind of company that will support only prior and during a sale. MFS will support its customers long after a sale is done. One of the main reason MFS went into business was the lack of high quality products and support on the market so MFS staff knows the frustration of not getting the proper service and products.

MFS keeps things simple and reliable

We know our customers want to ride and nothing more. Using high quality products not only makes things better for our customers, but also makes life easier for us as there is little need for maintenance or repair services. Once again, the use of servomotors lowered the amount of elements necessary to the strict minimum allowing us to provide our customers a safe and non-fail environment.

MFS sold products to companies running them 24/7 for years and the best proof of their satisfaction was new orders.

We keep everything simple and reliable as our customers want our products to be. For instance, our software will require a few very intuitive clicks or finger touches to get the motion system alive and ready to operate. Although we give each customer a training and a manual, our software is so intuitive that the manual isn’t really necessary to operate the systems. We do demand that our customer read our manuals and follow our security checklist that they should be familiar with before even plugging the power on.

MFS knows cockpit builders and that the last thing they need is another CTD cause or FPS killer. With MFS, that won’t happen and if it does, our mission is to help you get your simulator back and running in no time using nowadays communication means.

MFS takes security seriously

MFS cares about its customers and every single user of their system. MFS doesn’t sell toys but high performance machines. As security is an important matter at MFS, our system runs hundreds of tests in order to comply with CE specifications. Our software was also designed with security in mind.

Even though our roots are based in the enthusiast/semiprofessional markets, we were happy to provide airline companies our system in order for them to train their pilot at a lower cost. MFS will be pleased to find solution for all kind of customers be it a hobbyist or a global company.

MFS is dedicated to research and improving even more its products

We strive to continuously improve our products.

We know working together as a team is a key factor for success but also for better products. As our goal is to bring the best products available, working together and listening is thus essential to us. We are very well aware that great ideas can come from our customers so, as we keep working on our products on our own, we also listen to our customer needs and ideas.

There is not a single simulator platform and more and more solutions are made available every year be them for professional users or enthusiasts.

Just because we are proud of our motion cues doesn’t mean we will researching and improving them. We strive to provide our users the best quality possible so We strive to continuously improve our products.we keep on looking for solutions to overcome software limitation.

As our goal is to make our customer enjoy motion with their current setup, we will happily make our products compatible with simulator not currently supported upon request in case of purchase.
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