Ground vehicle simulation is a wide category ranging from small forklifts, cars and trucks simulators to very large professional driving simulators for automotive development purpose.

Because of the sustained accelerations which can change direction rapidly, a powerful & precise motion system will be compulsory.

MFS provides systems ranging from gaming application (home use, VR use, amusement parks and fairs,..) to R&D teams of reknown manufacturers around the world.

3 motion systems are usually used when it comes to simulating ground vehicles.

While professionals and serious simmers will only select a 6DOF, 2DOF and 3DOF systems can also be used in some applications.

  • A 2DOF motion system will be lacking in many sensations such as high speed direction change, ground bumps and loss of traction and will thus not be appropriate for Rally style racing.
  • A 3 DOF motion system will be a good compromise on motion though sensations related to loss of traction, will not be replicated.
  • A 6DOF motion system is the ideal solution as it will indeed replicate all sensations very well, including acceleration onset, braking, loss of traction, rough terrain, ripple strips and lane change.
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