Xplorer General Description

Our Xplorer is composed of a MFS 6 Degree-of-Freedom electrical motion platform on which seats a cockpit floor (Flightdeck optional – see fully integrated simulators page)  surrounded by a Full-Dome-Enclosure and enhanced by a powerful 3-channel Visual System that provides high-fidelity out-the-window view and scenery with a 220 x 40 degrees field-of-view. Behind the space allocated for the Training Device’ Flight Deck is enough space to accommodate an Instructor Station with enough room for the instructor and an observer. Inside the dome and in front of the replica flight deck is a curved projection screen that the synthetic world is projected on by three high definition projectors that are mounted above the device. The result is a highly accurate and large-scale visual system that provides immersive training environment that puts pilots in an incredibly realistic simulated environment where they can learn flying skills that are nearly impossible to train using aircrafts. Optionally, a Collimated Display at FAA Level D Quality Level can be provided with Xplorer.

Xplorer Motion Platform

The Xplorer is based on a powerful Motion For Simulators (MFS) 3 (Xplorer 3) or 6-DoF (Xplorer 6) electrical Motion System. This platform is ideally suited for the high demands of Flight-Simulator applications and offers low procurement costs combined with lowest life-cycle and maintenance cost. The specifications (size, excursions, velocity and accelerations) of our motion platforms have been carefully designed to meet the Xplorer needs. A detailed datasheet will be provided and will reflect the selected model’s specifications. It is also reminded that MFS can custom design motion platform to accommodate larger cabin and payload. Our motion platforms have been designed to allow operation in confined space with full motion already available with a ceiling as low as 380cm.

Xplorer cabin

The Xplorer Motion Flight Simulator comes with a full-dome-enclosure ensuring perfect fit around the flight deck. There are 3 sizes available: - M for general aviation and small twin engine simulators – 2 persons - L for narrow body aircraft simulators (B737, A320,..) – 4 persons - XL for wide body aircraft (B777, A380, ..) – 4 persons. MFS can also offer customized system when more space or payload is necessary. With a moving payload whose weight is directly supported by the actuators, the same design guidelines as the one used in aeronautics apply: light but performant. It is therefore not surprising that similar technologies are involved. The enclosure is based on a sturdy aluminum structure that keeps it light and rigid, yet cost-effective. A mix of extruded metal sections, laser cut and machined parts combined using welded, riveted and bolted assemblies takes the best from each technique to ensure functionality, ease of transport and installation. The volume is closed using high quality composite panels that provide the appealing aesthetic touch of a white mid-gloss finishing surface. As a result, the motion compliant enclosure prevents undesired vibrations and offers a rigid structure to support peripherals such as the visual bridge and screen. Finally, the Dome is composed of different sections for easy packaging, shipping (fits in one container) and assembly.

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