Here is a list of the most frequent questions we receive

Why does MFS use servo technology?

Servomotors are generally used as a high performance alternative to the stepper motors. Stepper motors have some inherent difficulties to control position, as they have built-in output steps. This often allows them to be used as an open­loop position controller, without any feedback encoder, as their drive signal specifies the number of steps of movement to rotate.
This lack of feedback thus limits their performance since the stepper motor can only drive a load that is well within its capacity, otherwise missed steps under load may lead to positioning errors.
The encoder and controller of a servomotor are of course an additional cost but they optimize the performance of the overall system (for all of speed, power and accuracy) relative to the capacity of the basic motor.
With larger systems, where a powerful motor represents an increasing proportion of the system cost, servomotors have the advantage.
This leads to the fact that motion systems may be offered in two ranges, the low-priced ra e using stepper moto s and the high-performance range using servomotors. MFS definitely offers high performance an reliability.

Why did MFS choose servomotors over hydraulic motors?

With our technology, weight is not an issue anymore as we can indeed offer systems that support high payloads without the need for hydraulics.
We thus believe the days of having to build very expensive hydraulic motion systems are gone.
Thus, there is no more need to install those complex and maintenance demanding machines.
Our servo systems are extremely reliable, solid, easy to use, have a low power consumption and are ultra-silent and compact. On top of that, the servomotor is the most precise and most effective motor solution for motion systems.

What type of motion system can MFS provide?

We provide motion systems for any type of simulator.

Is it possible to buy a model that is not listed on our website?

Though MFS provides a wide catalog of products to fit each customer needs as well as advices to help each customer choose the right product, MFS will gladly help customers with any project they may have.

Most of the time, our customers have specific needs for their motion platforms be them excursion, velocity, acceleration or anything else.
MFS will review your specifications and quickly come with a personalized solution.
MFS is also able to design any motion related project (ride, military specific motion application, … ). In that case, we will start to design custom project starting with sketching the machine virtually with softwares and begin construction once customer is fully satisfied with our solution.

Do you support other simulator platforms, games not listed on your website?

Just because your simulator platform isn’t listed on our website doesn’t mean we do not support it or we cannot support it.
If you don’t see your simulator platform and you seriously consider purchasing one of our product., drop us an email with your title and we will be happy to tell you whether compatibility will be an issue or not.

Integrators should keep in mind that we provide an easy to use API SDK that will allow easy integration with unity, unreal games engines and other software environments.

Does MFS provide other products besides motion?

MFS provides Computer hardware and visual systems.
MFS provides Full flight simulators in cooperation with partners.

Do you sell complete flight simulators solutions?

Yes but we do not manufacture them as we specialize in motions.
We team up with partners we carefully selected based on our years of presence on the scene.
Full flight simulator can be made of generic hardware or be full replica of airliners or GA.
We can even rebuild your simulator within a real nose section of an aircraft.

Why should I add a motion platform to my simulator?

Motion really ads to the experience of simulating your hobby. Not only will it make it fun, it will also makes it feel real and getting “as real as it gets” and isn’t it what all simulation fans are looking for?
We have to warn you though, never ever again will the fun of riding a fixed base simulator be the same again. Indeed, when you have experienced motion, going back to fixed simulator will make them feel like a game. Don’t get us wrong, fixed based trainers are a great tool for learning, fun and professional training. That being said, they will never … well, move!!!
Never will you feel the acceleration of your vehicle as you throttle on. Never will you fear an hard landing when coming in too fast or with an inappropriate descent rate.
With a MFS motion platform, when the weather ahead is bad, you actually divert as you want to keep away from that nasty storm …
Be it for training or entertainment, motion will make you feel like you were sitting in the actual vehicle you are simulating.
You will now consider going around not only because you want to make things properly but because you don’t want to experience that gear bump (we provide an emergency stop button that pilot should keep within reachable access at a time when things don’t go your way- watch your coffee though …. ). Bottom line is that adding motion to your simulator will totally revolutionize your simulation experience and making it feel real and help you make you a better pilot.

Can I buy only the software without buying the motion platform?

For security reason (as our software is also designed to be perfectly integrated with the hardware we chose to use) among others, MFS will only let its software run its own products. Our software is highly protected and are only sold with our own motors and own platforms. Each software delivered is personalized and will only work with our product. If you think you are running our software without our consent, please contact us and we will gladly sort things out for you.

How many computers do I need to run a motion platform?

There is no need to buy a new computer to run our software. Our software can be run on the main simulator computer.

Can I remotely control the platform from a computer on my network?

Most of the games and platforms we support allow our users to remotely control the software from another machine on the network.

Can I use a touch screen to control the software?

Yes, we highly recommend it
At MFS, we usually install it on a touchscreen at the instructor station.

What is the delivery time?

At MFS, under normal circumstandes (no pandemic, no world chip shortage,…) we deliver on time and on budget. We completely build our machines in 4 weeks to 12 weeks after initial payment is received depending on the type of machine requested and pending orders and degree of emergency. After that, the machine have to be shipped by truck, sea (about 45 days) or plane (a week but cost almost twice as much).

How is my system delivered?

Each of our system is carefully and securely crated directly by MFS prior to shipping.
As we often sell custom design, we will build a custom wooden box for each project we make although we reuse some design with best sellers.
Of course, we can let you install your product or come and assist you in your installation.
For some product, onsite installation is required and customer have to pay extra costs.
We could sell our product at a higher price to have all those extra covered but we chose not to for clarity.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit varying of approximatively 30% is required depending on the product type and its price.
The balance has to be paid prior to delivery or prior being picked up in our facilities. We will never let a product go unless our bank account has been fully credited even with presentation of proof of payment.

Is the price given by MFS the price I have to pay?

Each customer with receive a quote excluding VAT. and shipping costs.
VAT will be asked when it applies.
We insist that each customer researches his country’s taxes, duties .

Is the software free of charge?

Most of the time, our prices include the motion system and our exclusive software license which is bound to the machine.
Professional users may have to pay extra license costs depending on their software needs.

How do you offer support?

Even though our systems are very reliable and failures rare (most of the failures we had was deterioration of electronic boards by the customer himself), we offer support by internet and phone.
We never had to fly to a location to solve a problem but will happily do so when necessary. To help us support you, we have developed our software with support in mind.
We are thus able to remotely get information such as :

Log all activity in the motion controller.
Monitor different parameters of the motors like temperature, error codes and load,…

These information are essential for a true spot on support.
This allows us to quickly get your motion system back into action.

In the unlikely event of a persisiting failure, we can either ship a replacement part or come on site for support. We are able to provide fast support and send a team within 24 hours worldwide (cost implied).

Do you offer a warranty?

For non professional customers, we offer a 2 years warranty against defects in materials manufactured by MFS and on all off-the-shelf parts purchased by MFS. The warranty does not cover misuse, unauthorized modifications, external causes such as acts of nature, normal wear and tear, and does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse or modification of the product. Travel and expenses for onsite repairs and/or shipping costs during the warranty period are not included. The warranty for professional users is usually limited to a year depending on the contract terms.

Is there a way to stop the motion platform in emergency?

All our system come fully equipped with an emergency safety STOP SIL2 (= high level of safety integrity).
In other word, in case things go wrong, you can just use that big red button to safely and immediately stop the motion platform.
You can also click or touch the stop button on your software screen.
Besides, special security features are included in our software to avoid unexpected movements.

How do I connect the motion platform to my PC?

Our system is complete plug and play.
All you need is a standard 1 00mbps Ethernet connection. No USB connection is required or used.
Ethernet is robust and gives a high bandwidth and there is no need to install USB drivers thus we avoid conflicts etc… Ethernet allows you to place your motion control PC wherever you want. Easy to find cables, easy to find switches, etc.
In other words, you can use program such as widefs to remotely control your platform from another computer for example.

What motion cueing do you use? Are they customizable?

We developed our own motion cues based on years of intensive research and work with help from professional flight instructors and pilots.
Although our motion system washout software is one of the world most advanced. We keep on developing and innovating for each platform available on the market.
At MFS, we know simulators platforms have their own ups and downs and we make sure to adapt ourselves to these inherent problems.
Of course, we offer standard profiles for different kind of games and type of vehicles.
That being said, they are highly customizable and our customers have, for flight simulators for example, customizable settings for take-off, braking, landing shock, terrain vibration (on the ground), heave turbulence generator, pitch and roll washouts, angle limiters.
All of these can be saved in a user specified profile.
Do you intend to further develop your products?
Although we are very proud of our current offering that is of the highest quality, research is an important part of our activity and we strive to improve our offering and fine tune our motion cueing whenever possible.

How much cost a motion system?

MFS produces the most cost effective high fidelity performance servo motor electric motion systems available on the market today. Our price vary from 7000 € to 250.000 € and beyond for custom projects.
We offer special solutions for cockpit builders at a very special price of 21.500 €.

Can MFS motion systems used commercially?

Yes, most of our products are used in commercially or in industrial environments.

Do you have other questions or would like more information?