MFS, Because you need strong foundations for successful projects

All our motion systems, cabins and visual solutions are engineered by a team of mechatronic engineers

A quality motion system is the
combination of its design, its software and its hardware.

All motion systems are not equivalent, when searching for your new motion supplier, pay extra attention to

Poorly engineered machines that can cause :

collision of the platform with itself or its environment
non-optimized excursions, accelerations, velocities, unsmooth motion

Low quality component that can cause :

High hidden maintenance and repair costs
Overheating or breaking leading to down time
Low accuracy
Low precision
Low repetability

High electrical bill caused by unsuited technology

Noisy system

Good quality machine but poor software

Driver issues
Bad motion cueing
Unrealistic behavior
Geometry of the machine not included in the software
Unwanted vibrations

Poor security

Extra added costs

The price

You pay for what you get !
The price can be an indication of what you are getting
At MFS, we strive to bring you the best motion technology at reasonnable price

Pictures and videos

Pictures tell the story, compare a 6DOF carrying 300, 600, 1000, 1500, …. 6000 kgs
Are you getting a computer design that has never been built?
Are you getting a meccano toy ?

Our systems are designed and built to last

Our mechatronic engineers work closely with our software engineers

Our machines are built using stirdy materials such as steel, aluminum and industrial quality components

We solely work with servo-drives, motion controller and servo-motors from with our partner, Schneider Electric.

Read & Download our GENERAL INFORMATION documentation for more information about our systems.